Who can join?
From students to chief executive, whether in your own business or a global organization, there is a membership grade to suit all management levels. Whilst the completion of certain hospitality courses automatically makes you eligible, we do recognize that many highly skilled supervisors and managers come directly into the industry.  For them we have a point’s assessment system which gives credit for work-place learning and responsibility, which leads to membership. Wherever you are in your career, there is a membership grade for you. The grades are designed to assist career progression and reflect every stage of career development.
HATMAN Membership Grades
Fellow  [FHATMAN]
Captains of industry – Members [MHATMAN] who have been with the association for over ten years may apply to become HATMAN Fellows.
Member  [MHATMAN]
Established managers – Senior managers who have a considerable background of experience and a moderate amount of structured learning or graduates with appropriate management experience.
Associate [AHATMAN]
Managers – Experienced supervisors and managers who have limited structured learning or recent graduates with limited experience.
Aspiring Managers – Supervisors with little or no structured learning or those with an appropriate qualification and limited experience.
Students following HATMAN accredited programmes of study.