About Us

Our History

What is HATMAN?
Hospitality and Tourism Management Association of Nigeria (HATMAN) is the professional body for the international hospitality industry. With around 15000 members in the 36 States of Nigeria and the Federal Capital Territory. HATMAN is recognized throughout the nation. Established in 1996, HATMAN’s national influence brings together individuals from all sectors of the hospitality industry – hotels, cultural and tourism outlets, contract catering, recreational centers restaurants, fast food, pubs and clubs, event centers, hospitals, education, armed forces and the teaching profession. In its size and scope, it leads the world.
What do you need?
To succeed in the exciting, fast growing, and fast changing hospitality industry, do you need HATMAN to be recognized as a professional? Are you expected to be very well informed and therefore impressively knowledgeable about latest industry trends and developments? Do you really need to meet other professionals and gain from their knowledge and experience, to be supported at every stage of career development? Then, you need to join HATMAN!
Why join?
HATMAN Membership gives you status.  Designated letters identify members as professional managers.  You will gain recognition from your employers, colleagues and customers. We ensure that you keep up-to-date in our rapidly developing industry through HATMAN’s comprehensive information network which include the quarterly newsletter, and the HATMAN Journal of Hospitality and Tourism. The Association represents a global network of like-minded colleagues of over 15000 professionals in all 36 states who will respect you as a member. In today’s competitive employment market, we provide exclusive job opportunities for members and access to lifelong learning.
How does this benefit you? 
The benefits of membership are thoroughly practical.  There are hundreds of ways in which we support our members on a day-to-day basis.
Professional recognition 
To become a member of HATMAN, members must meet a high standard of management excellence.  This is recognized by designated letters, which may be used after your name to signify your status.  In addition, companies are increasingly looking with greater favour on applicants for management posts who are members of HATMAN. HATMAN is the authoritative voice for hospitality and tourism in Nigeria, representing your views to government, education and industry.
Keeping you informed 
The HATMAN library is growing to be one of the most comprehensive sources of information in the field of hotel, catering and tourism operation with our relationship with Institute of Hospitality UK, having over 80000 books and subscribing to industry journals. It provides learning materials, free of charge to members, and invaluable source of reference. Members receive a complimentary subscription to the excellent quarterly newsletter; purchase the HATMAN Journal of Hospitality and Tourism, containing informative technical articles on developments within the industry, the latest think-tank in hospitality management with views and reviews from its leaders.
Enhancing your career
The exclusive career progression opportunities available to members are;
1. HATMAN Job Register: Linking members searching for a new job to potential employers worldwide.
2. Internet Job Shop: A preview of the latest employment opportunities in the international hospitality and tourism industry.
3. Career Planning Intelligence: Fast access to geographic data, market analysis, sector trends and detailed company overviews, ensuring you are fully prepared to make a successful career move. In addition, members have access to a dedicated HATMAN advisor to provide objective and unbiased guidance on your career.  The Association also provides ‘Continuing Professional Development’ opportunities to keep your knowledge and skills fine-tuned.
4. Providing Networking Opportunities: Putting you in touch with over 15000 local, national and international contacts, HATMAN seminars, conferences and social and business meetings aimed at extending your knowledge and understanding the issues facing the industry – and enable you to learn from the experience of other members.  It is not unknown for members to meet their next employer on these occasions. You may wish to make your own contribution to the industry’s future. We welcome input from our members on various industry committees, working groups and advisory boards.
5. Plus Personal Benefits: A range of special offers and discounts is available including hotels, car hire, subscription to our Magazine, business and business consultancy and management guides.
Who can join?
From students to Chief Executives, whether in your own business or a global organization, there is a membership grade to suit all management levels. Whilst the completion of certain hospitality courses automatically makes you eligible, we do recognize that many highly skilled supervisors and managers come directly into the industry.  For them we have a point’s assessment system which gives credit for workplace learning and responsibility, leading to membership. Wherever you are in your career, there is a membership grade for you. The grades are designed to assist career progression and reflect every stage of career development