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Please read these notes before completing form. 
HATMAN welcomes application for membership from suitable qualified professionals as members or fellows, from others who wish to be associated with the aims and objectives of the association as associates, and particularly from young people at the start of their careers or considering a career in hospitality industry. This form is for admission to all categories of membership as may be decided by the membership committee. Download form here or fill this online version below

  • id
  • date time
  • Title
  • I wish correspondence to be addressed to
  • Career information (prior to present post in (chronological order).
  • Are you a member of HCIMA London
  • Reference: please give the names and addresses of two HATMAN members, not relatives who will act as your referees. The first referee should be in a position to support your application by actual knowledge of your responsibilities. If you are head of your company, please name two business professional associates. One of the referees should preferable be a statutory member of HATMAN (fellow or member). Referees will be approached at the discretion of the membership committee
  • Method of payment: You may pay your entrance fee by cheque,bank draft or through our online payment point on this website. Please send the details of payment to us via this email (
  • Declaration By Applicant
  • Declaration

Tourism Attraction

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    olumo Rock
  • Calabar Carnival
    Calabar Carnival
  • Guarara Falls
    Guarara Falls
  • Beach Life
    Beach Life
  • Obudu Cattle Ranch
    Obudu Cattle Ranch
  • Fulani Cultural Troupe
    Fulani Cultural Troupe
  • Arugungu Fishing Festival
    Arugungu Fishing Festival
  • Calabar Sculpture
    Calabar Sculpture

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