Assistant National Secretary

 Lauretta Togonu-bickersteth; Fhatman, Fih, Uk - Assistant National Secretary

 LaurettaI support young people to understand their unique worth; visualise and discover their potential to be hospitality SERVICE STARS. Besides, supporting them to do what they love, while serving others, so that this helps them in a way to experiences a powerful Joy; leading to self-actualisation. I do this by sharing information, knowledge and coaching them on the value of service work and delivery of excellent Hospitality service.


 I am a Fellow of HATMAN (Hospitality and Tourism management Association of Nigeria); a fellow of the Institute of Hospitality UK, an AWARD (African Women in Agricultural Research and development) Fellow; and a Hospitality Trainer/ Consultant with over 20 years of interacting with young people; especially women aspiring to become part of the hospitality Industry. I am with my bag FULL of hospitality knowledge and experiences to share.

I am passionate and fascinated with finding more engaging ways to impact, mentor, coach and create platforms and connections that are, fulfilling, purposeful; to inspire young people in stepping FULLY into becoming SERVICE STARS in the Hospitality and Tourism industry. I have been fortunate to do this - and more; and see results.


Tourism Attraction

  • olumo Rock
    olumo Rock
  • Calabar Carnival
    Calabar Carnival
  • Guarara Falls
    Guarara Falls
  • Beach Life
    Beach Life
  • Obudu Cattle Ranch
    Obudu Cattle Ranch
  • Fulani Cultural Troupe
    Fulani Cultural Troupe
  • Arugungu Fishing Festival
    Arugungu Fishing Festival
  • Calabar Sculpture
    Calabar Sculpture

Call For Papers 2018

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2011 Assistant National Secretary.
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